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We are thrilled to announce the launch of full-day, outdoor wellness retreats at Triple Creek Ranch! Quiet your mind and engage your body while you enjoy an all-inclusive day of focusing on your wellness through activities led by our top instructors. We invite you to relax, reflect and reconnect with nature at our Scenic Texas Sanctuary. Delicious food will be prepared and served from our cottage kitchen along with healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day.


Instructor-led sessions may include Yoga with a View on a ridge top overlooking our wildflower meadow and hardwood forest, guided meditation walks through the hardwood forest, Reiki and customized wellness planning as well as a relaxation session with our resident horses, Hank and Tripp. Hang out with them in their native environment and experience how calming and relaxing it can be.  Feel free to walk the beautiful trails and take in nature and capture some photographs.

Food includes brunch, lunch, keto bombs and snacks. Meals are served on a beautifully set table under the trees.  

Things you need to bring include:

Yoga mat

Water receptacle

Comfortable closed-toed shoes for walking

Retreat bookings are available for up to eight people per day, (with a four-person minimum) and can be booked online.

Fall 2022 Wellness Retreat scheduled dates include:

Sat., Oct. 8, 2022 (rain date Sat., Oct. 15)

Sat., Nov. 5, 2022 (rain date Sat., Nov.12)


8:30am ~ Welcome, Introduction and Brief Orientation

9:00am ~ Mindfulness, Movement and Yoga for All Levels (Beginners Welcome)

10:00am ~ Brunch on the Porch

11:00am ~ Nature Walk with Guided Meditation

12:00pm ~ Break

12:15pm ~ Learning Effective Ways to Balance the Body

1:30pm ~ Lunch

2:30pm ~ Groundwork Connection and Brain Work with Hank and Tripp

3:30pm ~ Afternoon Tea with Keto Bombs

4:00pm ~ Alternative Ways to Support Your Mind and Your Body's Defenses

5:00pm ~ Light Meditation

5:30pm ~ Adjourn and Depart

Butterfly Tattoo


Amy Shulman leads Yoga with a View, Guided Meditation Nature Walks and Reiki sessions at Triple Creek Retreat. Amy grew up as a competitive gymnast learning at a young age how to continually test the body and the mind. She began channeling these skills into yoga while living and working in New York City. Her practice deepened while studying with an inspiring teacher in Connecticut and Amy received her 200 YRT in 2011. She has since broadened her skills by becoming certified in Reiki and energy healing. Most recently, Amy has begun Life Coaching, attending The Adler Graduate Institute in Toronto. She moved to the Dallas area and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and healing skills in the community. For more information on Amy and her practice, please visit

Kim Webb is a Physical Therapist and has been in practice for 36 years in various settings including inpatient acute and rehab, home health and outpatient settings. She has successfully opened clinics for companies in north Texas and a new franchise in McKinney. Kim pursued further training with an osteopath and manual physical therapist and has been utilizing her manual therapy skills to more quickly help her patients return to a pain-free, functional life. Since opening her practice in 2016, Kim has also pursued a holistic mindset using essential oils and oil-infused products therapeutically. She has added other tools, such as, low level laser therapy and a BEMER for muscle stimulation. Kim enjoys educating others on a natural approach to wellness, fitness and prevention.

Many of Kim’s patients are effected by postural dysfunction leading to pain in various areas of the body, even the low back and the shoulder. Kim will be instructing us on how to recognize postural dysfunction, how to correct and how to stabilize our bodies using tools such as bands, balls and specific exercises.

As part of her wellness practice, Kim will share alternative methods for pain reduction, immune building and brain support to begin, modify and motivate your wellness journey. There are several practical steps that you can implement right away, such as breathing techniques, dietary additions and a type of muscle testing you can learn. Kim will share some essential oils and oil-infused products that are most beneficial in a healthy mindset leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Kelly Majdan works with wellness retreat guests on strength and balance and assists in the development of a personal wellness plan. Kelly is an author, ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, financial coach and speaker who helps individuals live a life of wellness, longevity and financial security by overcoming the obstacles that hold them back. Leveraging her 25 years in finance, she developed the Personal Wellness Plan (PWP) to help individuals create a customized wellness plan similar to what would be created for a business or financial plan. Her sessions include:

Design Your Personal Wellness Plan - With so many “fix your health” promises out there how do you know what will truly help you meet your wellness goals? In this informative session you will learn the six-part framework to designing your own Personal Wellness Plan (PWP), customized to help you succeed at meeting your wellness goals, no matter where you are on your wellness journey. By the end of our time together you will also discover the one key thing that will make or break your plan and you will have a template to use to design your own PWP.


Strength and Balance - As we get older it is common to loose muscle mass and our balance. Both are key contributors to injuries that may lead to serious issues as the years wane on. This short class will take you through some basic moves you can do every day to strengthen your whole body and connect your mind to your movement, allowing to “catch” yourself should you trip in life.


Kelly lives in Texas with her husband, their two teenagers, two massive dogs and a very spoiled cat. You can learn more about Kelly by visiting


Cindy Long, owner of Triple Creek Ranch, leads retreat guests through a non-riding relaxation session with horses Hank and Tripp. She is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Certified Instructor.


During the retreat, Cindy will introduce you to a powerful tool from the Brain Gym program to help you focus and calm your mind. You may also meet Hank and Tripp and experience how relaxing it is to hang out with a horse in their natural environment. There’s something special about being near a horse that is very calming.


Cindy has worked in neurological rehabilitation and equine services, helping individuals, including Veterans, with traumatic brain injuries, autism, stress, anxiety, grief, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy among other challenges and conditions, for more than 20 years. Cindy now sees clients privately at Triple Creek Ranch where she works with resident horses Hank and Tripp in a natural, outdoor setting using a non-riding program called Groundwork Connection that is a powerful tool for healing. You can learn more about Groundwork Connection here.

The Retreat at Triple Creek Ranch is such a special place. I feel a sense of serenity in the land and on the trails that lift my spirits every time I'm there.


In these fast-paced times, having a place to go to completely unplug and immerse yourself in nature is priceless. We all come away having learned something new and feeling more connected to each other.


Cindy and Wyatt, along with their team, are absolutely fantastic!  They make everything so seamless and delightful.

I can't wait to go back again soon!

Miles S.

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